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All our Fish King Originals are freshly made here in our Galley kitchen. This is as close to homemade as you can get without us in your kitchen! 

“Toto” is the nickname of Hank Kagawa, the founder and owner of Fish King. He is more commonly known now as “Old Man Fish King”. Our popular “Toto’s” line of sauces have complimented our fresh seafood for many years.


Toto’s Original Tartar Sauce 
An old time best seller for fish. This flavorful and smooth sauce -- with “A touch of real sour cream and freshly squeezed lemon” -- has complimented fish dishes since 1957. 

Toto’s Original Cocktail Sauce
Another popular hit from the ‘50’s. Strikes the right balance of sweet and tangy flavor for that fresh Shrimp and Shellfish dish.

Toto’s Original Louis Dressing 
While not as famous as other “Louis” like Armstrong and Vuitton, for Shrimp or Seafood Salads, you gotta like its’ style and taste.

Toto’s Original Cucumber Dressing
Freshly grated cucumbers and velvety sour cream in this dressing enrich the natural flavor of our Poached Salmon. This hit seller is also great on salads.

Toto’s Original Sesame Dressing
Created for our Chinese Chicken Salad even before people knew that the Chinese made salads.

Toto’s Original Miso Dressing 
Miso, (Japanese bean paste) dressing was made for salads but it’s also good on broiled or sautéed fish.

Fish King’s Original Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 
Slightly spicy and so flavorful, this one was originally made for our “Crunch Fish “ but good on Chicken too.

Fish King’s Original Dill Sauce
A delicious fish sauce made with dill and sweet mustard, especially good on Salmon.

Fish King’s Original Cioppino Base 
Our Chef Robert’s recipe for that perfect Cioppino – simply add your favorite Seafood - so easy!

Fish King's Original Fish Stock
Freshly made here with Halibut and/or fresh White Meat Fish. A great base for soup, sauces, chowders and for poaching.


Toto’s Original Teriyaki Marinade
A thicker restaurant style recipe that was created back in 1963 for our now Famous Beef and Chicken Teriyaki on Skewers.

Sake Marinade
A marinade made popular in recent years by many upscale Japanese Restaurants. Usually used on Black Cod, Chilean Seabass and Salmon.

Fish King Sake / Soy Marinade
Chef Robert’s creation for Fish , Chicken or Beef. (Sake is a Japanese Rice Wine).

Miso / Sake Marinade
A variation for those who prefer the taste of Miso.

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